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Name:The Dog Community
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
This is a community for all things canine - this means advice, pics, and everything in between.

Not sure what's ok to post? Here's some suggestions...

Pictures of dogs (yours or friends/family)
Stories or questions about dogs or training
Upcoming dog related programs or events
Dog related websites (your own or your favorites)
Adoption/foster or transport needed posts
Mixed breed ('Guess that Mix') posts
Questions on what breed may be best for you
Support for the loss of a beloved dog



1. Be courteous and respectful.

2. More than one photo (or photos larger than 400x400 pixels) must be placed behind a cut. If you're not sure how to do that, instructions can be found here.

3. Do not post spam. Adoption posts, pets in need and foster/transport requests are perfectly okay - links to non-dog related sites or advertisements are not, and will be deleted and the poster removed from the community and banned.

4. If there is an issue with a member, a post, or comment(s), please alert a mod. You can freeze comment threads, if necessary. The original poster can delete offensive comments, but if you would like a mod to see them, please leave them there - we cannot take your word for it that someone is being abusive.



Choosing Your Dog

Before You Get A Dog - Make sure your prepared
Selecting A Dog Breed - Starting right means starting with the right breed

Finding Your Dog

Pet Finder - A huge database of shelter animals across the country
Find A Breeder - Extensive database of purebred breeders
2,000 Dog Names - Help for those who just can't think of a name
What Is A Puppy Mill? - Where not to get your dog


Health Care Issues - Touches briefly on various subjects of concern
von Willebrand's Disease - Information on the disease
Canine Illnesses and Diseases - Common types of ailments

Behaviour Problems

Exessive Barking
Destructive Chewing
Aversion to Nail Trimming

Dog Concerns

Grey 2K - A national organization dedicated to ending greyhound racing
The Dog Holocaust - Up to date information about dog abuse going on daily in Germany

Free Dog Stuff

Interests (150):

affenpinschers, afghan hounds, airedale terriers, akitas, alaskan malamutes, american eskimo dogs, american foxhounds, american staffordshire terriers, american water spaniels, anatolian shepherd dogs, australian cattle dogs, australian shepherds, australian terriers, basenjis, basset hounds, beagles, bearded collies, beaucerons, bedlington terriers, belgian malinois, belgian sheepdogs, belgian tervurens, bernese mountain dogs, bichon frises, black and tan coonhounds, black russian terriers, bloodhounds, border collies, border terriers, borzois, boston terriers, bouvier des flandres, boxers, briards, brittanys, brussels griffons, bull terriers, bulldogs, bullmastiffs, cairn terriers, canaan dogs, cardigan welsh corgis, cavalier king charles spaniels, chesapeake bay retrievers, chihuahuas, chinese cresteds, chinese shar-peis, chow chows, clumber spaniels, cocker spaniels, collies, coyotes, curly-coated retrievers, dachshunds, dalmatians, dandie dinmont terriers, dingoes, doberman pinschers, dog care, dogs, english cocker spaniels, english foxhounds, english setters, english springer spaniels, english toy spaniels, field spaniels, finnish spitzs, flat-coated retrievers, foxes, french bulldogs, german pinschers, german shepherd dogs, german shepherds, german shorthaired pointers, german wirehaired pointers, giant schnauzers, golden retrievers, gordon setters, great danes, great pyrenees, greater swiss mountain dogs, greyhounds, harriers, havanese, ibizan hounds, irish setter, irish terriers, irish water spaniels, irish wolfhounds, italian greyhounds, jackals, japanese chins, keeshonds, kerry blue terriers, komondors, kuvasz, labrador retrievers, lhasa apsos, malteses, manchester terriers, mastiffs, miniature bull terriers, miniature pinschers, miniature schnauzers, mutts, neapolitan mastiffs, newfoundlands, norfolk terriers, norwegian elkhounds, norwich terriers, old english sheepdogs, otterhounds, papillons, pekingese, pembroke welsh corgis, pets, pharaoh hounds, plotts, pointers, pomeranians, poodles, portuguese water dogs, pugs, pulis, redbone coonhounds, rhodesian ridgebacks, rottweilers, saint bernards, salukis, samoyeds, schipperkes, scottish deerhounds, scottish terriers, shetland sheepdogs, shih tzus, siberian huskys, silky terriers, skye terriers, smooth fox terriers, staffordshire bull terriers, standard schnauzers, tibetan spaniels, vizslas, weimaraners, welsh terriers, west highland white terriers, whippets, wolf hybrids, wolves, yorkshire terrier
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