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This is a great documentary on dog behavior, how they differ from wolves, and how they may have been domesticated. I really enjoyed it.

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I wanted to share a few of my favorite pet websites.

Pet Edge
Very cheap, tons and TONS of stuff. Geared mainly toward vets, groomers and small businesses, but you do not need to be any of those to place an order. I suggest ordering a free catalog as the site can be hard to navigate. The catalog makes it easier to see how much stuff they really have.

Animal Posion Control
(888) 426-4435 Operated by the ASPCA - (may be a charge for the consultation). They also have a list of toxic plants and a lot of good information on the site.

Cheap Pet Products
Very cheap stuff, for all pets (not just dogs). Be aware that this vendor has great prices, but it takes a few weeks for shipping. I've spoken with the owner, who told me that he does not keep everything on site and this is the reason for the delay, so if you need something immediately, I wouldn't recommend this site. That said, if time isn't a huge factor, the prices definitely make it worth the wait!

In The Company of Dogs
LOVE this site, too. Not exactly cheap, but they have some really unique stuff.

Pet Care Choice
One of the few sites I've seen that has generic Frontline (TopSpot version), much cheaper than the brand and works just as well. Prices on the brand name products are fairly good as well.

Joe's Pet Meds
The site looks a little strange but I have personally ordered from them several times. Shipping takes a couple of weeks but their prices can't be beat. You can also order heartworm medication from this site without a script (and MUCH cheaper than the vet) - keep in mind that it is not recommended to give heartworm meds unless your pet has tested negative for heartworms. This can be very dangerous, so please make sure your pet is heartworm negative before giving them any heartworm preventative.
Decent prices and selection - shipping is fast, and they have an online forum.

Big Dog Boutique
Another high-end shop, but has some unique stuff.

That's all I can think of right now. Feel free to share some of your favorite pet sites! =)


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